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Incognito: The Secret Behind a Beautiful Smile!

At Marcy Orthodontics in addition to traditional appliances we also use the latest innovative technology such as Incognito Hidden Braces.

What is Incognito?

Incognito braces are an innovative new lingual orthodontic treatment, which are invisible to other people. The braces are designed to straighten the teeth without anybody knowing the patient is wearing braces; the braces are fixed to the back of the teeth, meaning nobody else can see them. Incognito braces us state of the art technology to move the teeth into the correct position. Each bracket is custom-made to fit the individual patient and the braces are significantly lighter and finer than any other lingual braces on the market.

How do Incognito Braces Work?

Incognito braces work by forcing the teeth to move into the correct position gradually. The wires and brackets are fixed onto the back of the teeth and are manufactured in accordance with the patient’s individual prescription. The forces generated by the brackets and sires cause the teeth to move. Once the teeth have moved into the correct position, the braces will hold them in the correct position.

Why Should I Choose Incognito?

Incognito braces have been developed to provide a solution for people who have orthodontic problems but don’t want to wear bulky, fixed appliances. For many people, the idea of wearing braces worries them as they are concerned about their physical appearance. Incognito braces are a sophisticated version of traditional lingual braces. They have been designed to move the teeth effectively and painlessly, without anybody else even knowing the patient is wearing a brace. Aside from the obvious benefits of invisible braces the Incognito treatment is also very comfortable because the braces are very light and fine and each individual component is custom-made for the individual. The braces are extremely versatile meaning they can be used to treat patients of all ages.

Are Incognito Braces Suitable for Everyone?

Incognito braces are suitable for a wide range of orthodontic problems. If you are concerned about your appearance while wearing braces then Incognito may be a great option for you! Give us a call at 519-685-3060 or email us at to arrange a consultation to see if you are a candidate for Hidden braces. If you are a family member of one of our patients there is no charge for a no obligation appointment!

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