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All patient’s of Marcy Orthodontics who are 18 and under are automatically enrolled in our Smile reward program. Successful orthodontic treatment depends on your cooperation and we will reward you for doing your part! You can save your tokens, redeem them or donate them to the Children’s Hospital or Terry Fox Foundation at any time. All you need to do is bring the tokens you would like to redeem to the front desk and ask one of our staff to help you!

How to get them!

Early Treatment

  • Receive one token at each appointment when in active treatment

Full Braces (up to 4 tokens per appointment)

  • Having clean teeth and healthy gums
  • Being on time for your regularly scheduled appointment
  • Good cooperation; no loose brackets, bands or appliances, no bent or broken wires and wearing elastics and appliances as instructed.
  • BONUS TOKEN: Earn a bonus token at each appointment by achieving academic excellence, participating in comunity service, receiving awards for sports/activities, posting a pic of your best “Brace Smile”, comment or like us on facebook and for office contests/activities. Just let us know how you earned your bonus token & you may be featured on our facebook page!

Extra Credit Tokens:

A cleaning certificate signed by your general dentist or hygienist at your routine cleaning and returned to our office 3 Tokens and a bonus token if you are cavity free! We recommend at least 2 routine dental cleanings a year from your general dentist but your dentist may recommend more. Certificates are available on our bulletin board or can be printed below!

Refer a friend 20 tokens if your friend goes into treatment.

The Rewards

Our rewards program has changed, please check the bulletin board for the lasest news!

The official rules:

  • Smile tokens are only awarded at your regularly scheduled appointments during active treatment.  Tokens can be collected from your first adjustment appointment until your braces are removed.
  • Emergency and retainer visits after full braces or phase II treatment do not apply.
  • Accidents will happen; however, if there is deliberate damage to your appliances no tokens will be awarded and you will forfeit your right to participate in the program.
  • Prizes/tokens subject to change at any time.
  • Gift cards/tokens are not redeemable for cash.
  • Your account must be current in order to redeem tokens for prizes.
  • If we forget to give you your tokens at your appointment, please ask for them!
  • Tokens should be redeemed no later than 6 months after your braces are removed.
  • Your smile tokens are your responsibility!  We do not keep track of your tokens, and just like money if you lose them, they are gone L

Good luck & have fun! Dr. Marcy & team.

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